Polk County Mortgage Assistance Program

Pre-Screening Eligibility Survey

Please complete the following and if eligible, you will be provided the link to the application:


Is your home in Polk County?:
Is your home in the city of Lakeland?

(due to City of Lakeland CDBG funding contact: homes@cflhands.org for this program)

Is your name on the mortgage?
Is this home your principal place of residence?
Are you currently past due on your mortgage?
Your Total Household income (for all persons over the age of 18) does not exceed 80% of median income. (Income will be verified)
You have documentable information to evidence loss of income, reduction in hours or unemployment as a DIRECT RESULT of the COVID-19 pandemic
You have a valid Florida Photo ID or Florida Driver’s License and can provide evidence
You have a Social Security number and can provide evidence of
You can provide your mortgage statement
You can provide a recent utility bill in your name (water, electric)
What was the date of your last missed mortgage payment?

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