Service - One-On-One Housing Counseling

HANDS offers One-on-One (private) housing counseling at our corporate office.

Our private counseling is offered between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM upon counselor availability.
Early morning or evening hours may be offered to work around client work schedules.

Counseling Sessions Offered

Household Credit and Budget Analysis
Ever wonder where all your money goes? Have a heart to heart with a caring Counselor who can help log your monthly expenses and set your goals to buy a home or a car or whatever your dream may be. You may find that extra cash when you have discipline!

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Pre-Home Purchase
To find out what price loan you would pre-qualify for at a bank based on your monthly income and debts, request pre-purchase counseling. You will walk out knowing the sales price of the home you should be looking for. Add free downpayment assistance (if qualify) and begin your housing search. (Remember that closing costs can run an additional 5% of the sales price.)

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Foreclosure Prevention
Having trouble making your monthly mortgage payment and afraid you will lose your home? HANDS does not give clients money to bring mortgages current. But in most cases, HANDS can help work out a payment plan with your mortgage company to get you back on track. Half of the challenge is communication with your mortgage company. We can help you through that when times are difficult.

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Home Equity Conversion - Reverse Mortgage
Over the age of 62 and want to take some equity out of your home to have more cash to live on? Sometimes this is a great solution. Other times this may be a bad decision that may not protect your investment. Get counseling before you sign on this type of loan.

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Tenant/Landlord Counseling for Renters
Don't understand your rights as a tenant or if your landlord is following the law with notices of eviction? Find out your rights and understand how an eviction can put at risk your ability to rent in the future.

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Affordable Apartment Location
If you need help getting a list of affordable apartments near your zip code of your job, school or relatives first you should go back to the home page (by clicking on the top header) and clicking on the "SEARCH FOR AN AFFORDABLE APARTMENT BUTTON" If you would like a counselor to help you look through an extensive database of affordable apartment complexes for options, chose this type of counseling.

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Post-Home Purchase
Congratulations, you are in your new home! Now what do I do? I am afraid I am going to blow my budget decorating this place? Meet with one of our certified counselors who will review your new monthly expenses (including your new house payments) - reprioritize and guide you through some home maintenance tips. Our counselors will also show you how to file for Homestead Exemption to save you money on your property taxes.

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Review of Loan Documents
ASK before you SIGN! HANDS cannot stress this enough. Is my loan affordable? Do these fees they plan to charge me seem high? Is this the right loan for me? There are many great lending partners in Central Florida who work with lower-income families, even if they do not have the most perfect credit. Ask for one of our Counselors to review your PROPOSED loan documents (mortgage settlement statement - HUD1) before you sign. We will give you outsiders, honest opinion.

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